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Bite-sized activities

We've compiled a list of our bite-sized activities, which are from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. You can tell which activities are bite-sized, as they have bites out of the buttons, as shown below.


Bite-sized button


Lifestyle Coaching > Build Your Confidence 

Wellbeing Thermometer 


Lifestyle Coaching > Build Your Confidence 

Three Things I Did Well Today

Lifestyle Coaching > Give 


My Media Album


Stress Busting > Be Active

Ten-minute Walk

Stress Busting > Improve Your Mood

Can Bottle Happiness?

Recipe For a Good Mood Animation

The Thirty-Second Smile

Use Your Head

Stress Busting > Be Mindful


Brain Boosting > Strengthen Your Thinking 



Brain Boosting > Be Curious

Take a Minute

Taking Rubbings

Wellbeing Art Tour
Visiting a Gallery