Be Active - A Winter Walk

Animal tracks

When snow is on the ground, it’s a great time to look out for animal tracks and bird prints. If you have a garden, it can be fascinating to see what might have visited it during the night, and during the day whilst you are out and about. Everything will leave behind its telltale footprint. You’ll be able to tell bird from animal tracks easily.
If you have a pet, take a look at the tracks it makes in the snow. What about your own feet? What marks are they leaving?


If snow is falling, and you have a pet, or you encounter a cat or dog during your walk, it can be fun to see the animal’s response to snowflakes. Some pets will try to play with the snowflakes, others will gambol in the snow or roll in it. Still others seem to take no notice – it takes all sorts!


Wendy Teall


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