Be Active - A Winter Walk


As most of the trees and shrubs will have lost their leaves you’ll also be able to more readily touch the bark and feel the difference between the various textures. Try touching a few different barks to see how they compare. Leaves on evergreens are also interesting to touch. You will notice that most of the leaves are sharp, although some can be soft to the touch. The previously mentioned pine cones have woody and faceted textures. Of course, you’ll find that some surfaces can be slippery if frozen, feeling cold, and sometimes very wet. Some surfaces could be quite decayed.


The trees themselves might be covered in frost or snow, making them look even more attractive. Look for the way that snow and frost pick out the lines of the branches, down to the tiniest twigs. You might see icicles hanging from branches and twigs in very cold weather. Notice how the light shines off the ice, and how fast they might melt if the sun strikes them.




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