Be Active - Autumn Shapes

"It is the photographer’s job to see more than most people do. They must keep in them something of the child who looks at the world for the first time or of the traveller who enters a strange country. "

Step 3: Shapes of seeds

These trees also produce their seeds in autumn and all are very distinctive.  Like fruit the seeds ripen, and once ready brown over time.

  • See if you can spot their seeds using our guide. Sketch the seeds or photograph the seeds yourself


Oak - Acorn:

The seed of the oak is the acorn.


Acorn - Oak Tree


Horse Chestnut - Conker:

The seed of the Horse Chestnut is the conker. This image shows the conker in its casing.


Conker - Horse Chestnut


Sycamore - Winged seed:

The seed of the Sycamore is winged.


Sycamore - winged seed






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