Be Active - Autumn Shapes

"It is the photographer’s job to see more than most people do. They must keep in them something of the child who looks at the world for the first time or of the traveller who enters a strange country. "

What next?

Taking Rubbings

Upload and share your sketches, rubbings or photos to the Start2 Stress Busting Gallery.

“That was such a cool walk.” Sam aged 8

New activity suggestion:

  • Keep a notebook with sketches or photographs in of all the trees you’ve looked at for each season.  How does the tree change throughout the seasons?

You’ll soon be able to identify trees by the shapes of their leaves and the texture of their barks.


What next?

  • Fill in your Reflective Diary below
  • Have you taken your Wellbeing Temperature recently?  You can use our Wellbeing Thermometer to log, measure and understand your own patterns of wellbeing. Our Wellbeing Thermometer will direct you around the Start2 resource helping you to choose the creative wellbeing activity to best suit you

  • Try our suggested 'New Activity' below
  • Go to a new green space and see if you can spot these trees
  • Want to find a new green space near you? Look here for useful links on places in your area (UK). The National Trust also has a wide range to choose from


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