Be Active - Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Step 1: The activity

  • Either by yourself, or working in pairs or a group, find the subjects that are on the scavenger hunt list below and photograph them
  • Mark off on your list which ones you have got 
  • Remember: Even if you’re making this a team challenge, think ‘What makes the photograph interesting?’  Try not to go for the most obvious photograph.  Think about camera angle, and how close you are to the subject (Do you need macro (close up) setting on?) Where will your subject be in the frame?
  • If you’re making this a team challenge - Get back to your meeting point as soon as you can! Referee – check those results



Find a photo for each subject – a yellow flower can either be a ‘flower’ or ‘yellow’ but not both.  We recommend that you choose an area you know well. This is because you’ll notice things that you may have overlooked on a regular basis.  

Stay Safe: 

Be aware of your surroundings, as you’ll be using a camera or your ‘phone for this exercise.

Body Positive:

Be aware of how you are bending and twisting to get those photos.  Bend from the knees, with a straight back.


Photographic Scavenger Hunt List:

  • A spiky texture*
  • The colour red
  • A circle
  • A flower
  • A brick pattern
  • A reflection
  • A shadow
  • The colour green
  • Something wavy
  • The colour pink
  • A rectangle
  • Something yellow
  • An insect
  • Some writing
  • A line
  • A triangle
  • A letter of the alphabet
  • Something that makes you smile
  • What would a bee see? Take a photo from the point of view of a bee
  • Find something that you think represents the area that you live in
  • A face in a place (not a human face)
  • Something that represents 'community' to you


*Texture is a raised or indented surface. Best way to tell a texture is to have a gentle feel with your fingertips.  Light at  an angle to the surface shows textures best.

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