Be Active - Ten-Minute Walk

"The ĎAutumn Shapesí activity was such a lovely focus for a walk. The kids didnít complain once and were really excited to find each leave or seed. You forget how interesting it can be to look closely at things that you pass without a thought every day."

New activity suggestions:

  • Try this exercise every week for a month along the same route.  
How many different things do you notice?
  • Choose your favourite photograph.  Photograph the same subject every day for a week – What is different about each of the photos?
  • Try the ten-minute photo walk with a friend. Share your photos with one another. Did you notice different things? Swap photos and pick a favourite from each collection
  • Do this exercise again with a new route
  • Submit your favourite photos to our 'Stress Busting' Communal Gallery
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