Be Active - Ten-Minute Walk

Step 2: Stop and smell the roses

Stop and smell the roses


  • Take a ten-minute walk. Stop every minute and take a picture of whatever you see as you look around.  At first you may not see a photo opportunity, but if you look closely around the area where you’ve stopped, you may be surprised



  • Find beauty in the detail - Use your camera on the macro setting (close up) if you can
  • Change the perspective - Try taking your photos at different angles, from low down, from high up
  • What interests you? - Think about the framing of your photograph
  • Are you interested in a particular subject? For example, a leaf, a snail trail, a gate
  • Where will you place that within your frame? Remember your subject doesn’t have to be in the middle of your photo. Framing your shot with your subject in a corner or even part chopped off can create an unusual and edgy effect

  • How often do you pass this spot? Is this a journey you make everyday? Do you see anything you’ve never noticed before?

Body positive:

Be aware of your posture and what you're doing with your body when taking your photographs. Bend at the knee, and not your back.  Try our Posture Awareness Mindfulness Practice to be aware of your posture.

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