Be Active - Ten-Minute Walk

"The ĎAutumn Shapesí activity was such a lovely focus for a walk. The kids didnít complain once and were really excited to find each leave or seed. You forget how interesting it can be to look closely at things that you pass without a thought every day."

Step 4: Upload and share your photos

  • Upload your 'Ten-minute walk' photos to the Start2 online Media Album. This inspiring resource will help you make a show from your photos. You can have each image showing for as long as you want.
 You’re able to add sound tracks and sound effects, from a varied selection, and you can also add text - whether that’s an interesting quote about what you’ve noticed or a greeting to someone with whom you might share your photo show. You'll need to be registered to do this. Registration quick, easy and private
  • Click on the button below to create your 'Ten-minute walk'
  • Then share your 'Ten-minute walk' with friends and family


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