Be Curious - Draw a Scene

"I went to a park near me that I hadn't been to before to do the 'Draw a Leaf or Flower' activity. It was nice sitting there and looking at what was around me. There is so much beautiful detail when you stop and look!"

Step 1: Getting started

What is a viewfinder?

A viewfinder helps you to choose which part of the landscape you’re going to draw; it can also be used for isolating a small section from a larger object. Its border blocks out the area surrounding your viewpoint, making it easier to focus on the scene.


  • Go to the park or into your garden and take a walk around, looking at the landscape from different viewpoints and angles, noticing anything in particular that you find interesting
  • Use the viewfinder to select the view you’ll draw
  • Find somewhere to sit – look for a safe place if you’re in the park, but away from busy areas if possible
  • Draw several small rectangles or squares (12 x 10 cm, or 12 x 12 cm, or similar) onto your paper – these are the outlines or frames for your drawings. Relate the shapes to the viewfinder’s window - rectangular window = rectangular frame for the drawing. These shapes don’t have to be exactly the same size as the viewfinder’s window
  • Look closely at the scene before you start to sketch, and keep looking back at it for more information as you draw. Draw the same scene in each of the rectangles you’ve drawn – you’ll notice something different each time, and each drawing will be different
  • Don’t spend too long on each one, and don’t worry if your drawing isn’t what you thought it would be - it’s not supposed to look like a photograph!
  • If you like a drawing, colour it in, have fun – the colours don’t have to be exactly the same as the scene you’re looking at - this is your own interpretation of it
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