Be Curious - Draw an Object

Getting started on the drawing:

Step 1: Spending time looking

  • It actually helps to spend more time looking at the object from which you’re drawing, than at the drawing itself. The key is to look really carefully at the object, and plan in advance the next mark you’ll make.  In this way you avoid drawing what you think the object looks like in your mind (a very common pitfall), but succeed in drawing the real details you observe for yourself




Step 2: Shape

  • Spend some time looking at the object, noticing its shape, and its proportions. Is it differently shaped and proportioned from different viewpoints? If so, choose the viewpoint you like the best



  • To help draw in the basic shape of the subject it sometimes helps to compare the height and width (proportion) of the object .. which is longer? much longer?
  • You can often simplify the shape of an object into a few easier shapes, for example something that is like a cylinder, such as a vase, can be simplified into two ovals and two straight lines


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