Be Curious - Draw an Object


Step 1: Which object to choose?

  • Choose something you think will be interesting to draw 


What shall I draw?

  • Something very simple such as a pebble, to build up your confidence, or dust off your cobwebs if feeling rusty
  • An object that has personal significance such as something from your home
  • Something that you feel will be interesting to draw, perhaps that has appealing textures and patterns or has an intriguing shape
  • An object from our Virtual Museum above – choose whatever most appeals – these objects have been selected especially to be interesting to look at and draw, and offer lots of intriguing textures and patterns to capture.  We would recommend that you find an angle to draw from. You can also download and print off a PDF image here

A few suggestions:

Beginner level

  • Pebble  
  • Carrot
  • Apple (or other simple shaped fruits & veg)     
  • Leaf     
  • Feather
  • A Key


Medium level      

  • A Plant    
  • Chair    
  • Shoe     
  • Belt    
  • Phone    
  • Safety Pin    
  • Flower


More difficult level       

  • A Tree     
  • Your Hand      
  • A Friend’s Face (or your own)      
  • A Pet (though if you keep fish, maybe they’re easier than a four legged pet!)
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