Be Curious - Draw an Object


Step 3: Size of the drawing, and where to place it 


Where to place object in frame and the size of the drawing



  • To avoid running out of space on your sheet of paper (another common pitfall), it helps to plan how big you’d like the drawing to be and how it will fit onto the paper. Ask yourself where do I start on the paper?

Use your digital camera or phone camera to help compose your drawing:


 Use your digital camera or mobile phone to help compose your drawing




  • Carefully ‘frame’ the image in a way you’d like your drawing to look, and take a snapshot.  You now have a mini image of the view you want to draw (or paint).   Look at the digital image display to see how the overall main shape ‘sits in the frame’ 
  • Now imagine your paper is the frame, and sketch your object on your paper, in the same position you see it framed in your camera

This is a useful way to begin a drawing (or painting). Following this, you then put away the camera, look carefully at the real details and capture them on paper - drawing from life.


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