Be Curious - Stitch Memory Journal

Example of 2 stitches and applique memory:

  • A leaf with a spotted pattern of raindrops 
  • French knots create the spotted pattern, and the vein up the centre of the leaf is couched using a stab stitch



Example of 4 Stitches and Applique Memory:


The seaside, with:

  • A ruffled cloudy sky - appliqué with running stitch, chain stitch and couched threads fastened down using stab stitch
  • Calm blue grey water – chain stitch, running stitch, couched thread fastened by stab stitch
  • Surf – lace appliquéd onto the background with running stitch
  • Sand – appliquéd using buttonhole stitch to suggest patterns in the sand
  • Pebbles – rough fabric appliquéd with chain stitch



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