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Stitch Journal Exercise 2 Examples


Example 2:


I want to try couching, using buttonhole (blanket) stitch:

  • So, I’m looking for shapes that feature straight-line patterns and textures
  • I notice a twig on top of a wall (Image 1)
  • I cut a strip of fabric for the top of the wall
  • To make the twig, I use couching to trap some threads, at the same time stitching through the appliqué fabric to secure it to the background fabric (Image 2)


Example 3:


I want to try chain stitch to create texture and line:

  • So, I’m looking for shapes that feature wavy lines, textures or patterns
  • I notice a crack in the tarmac pavement with pebbles trapped in it (Image 1)
  • I cut fabric shapes to represent the cracked top surfaces of the tarmac. I pin the fabrics to the background fabric, leaving a gap to represent the crack with the pebbles in it
  • I stitch the fabrics to the background using wavy chain stitch lines
  • Along the crack, I stitch chunky chain stitches to represent the little trapped pebbles, see example (Image 2)


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