Be Curious - Stitch Memory Journal

A Stitch a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Exercise 2: Shapes with patterns and textures
Stitch Memory Journal Exercise 2

"Trying to interpret the world around me in just a few stitches was fascinating and quite challenging in ways I didn't expect. It made me feel inventive, stretched, creative and satisfied all in one."


Every day for 5 days:
Step 1: Choose a stitch

Choose a stitch you want to try from the selection below. These are all easy stitches. They can all be used to appliqué (attach) another piece of fabric to a background fabric. You can download stitch guides for each stitch in the download section here.


Choose a stitch


*See Couching Stitch above: various stitches can be used to couch including blanket stitch (button hole), cross and stab stitch. This one shows a straight stitch to secure the couched thread.

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