Be Curious - Take A Minute

"Trying to interpret the world around me in just a few stitches was fascinating and quite challenging in ways I didn't expect. Doing the 'Stitch Memory Journal' made me feel inventive, stretched, creative and satisfied all in one."

Step 2: Your 'Thought Flower'

  • For each of the questions, record your thoughts on one of the numbered blank petals e.g. question 1 on blank petal 1.
  • Try your best to write a few words in answer to each question, rather than just one word.  Try to also say why the thought, moment or experience you have recorded matters to you. For example, 'Today I felt a sense of connection when my friend complimented me.'


See our example diary:

Take a Minute Example


  • On day 7, cut out each written petal and glue to the flower template, to create your ‘Thought Flower’ 


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