Be Curious - Take A Minute

What next?

  • Frame your ‘Thought Flower’ and hang it up where you will see it regularly
  • Do one complete ‘Thought Flower’ each month and create a memory booklet of your year
  • Put a completed ‘Thought Flower’ in an envelope; post it to yourself in a month’s time.  You’ll most likely have forgotten what you recorded, so it should be a nice surprise 
  • Create a ‘Thought Flower’ when you next go on holiday 
  • When off sick from work, college or daily life or simply during a low period in life, try to create a ‘Thought Flower.’  Even though you may not feel very positive when you start, studies show that exercises like this can help you regain some zest for life by helping you concentrate on affirming cheerful thoughts
  • Have you taken your Wellbeing Temperature recently?  You can use our Wellbeing Thermometer to log, measure and understand your own patterns of wellbeing. Our Wellbeing Thermometer will direct you around the Start2 resource helping you to choose the creative wellbeing activity to best suit you

  • Fill in a Reflective Diary 







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