Be Curious - Taking Rubbings

Step 3: Collecting textures from outdoors

Try this exercise outdoors and take rubbings from the natural environment.  How about taking a walk in the park?  Take rubbings of things like tree bark, leaves, stone, walls, flooring etc.  

As your confidence and interest grows, you could try larger sheets of paper and use a solid graphite crayon to take your rubbings. (These can be purchased in most art shops or online).


Tip: Add colour


You could try adding colour to your textures by using coloured pencils or a wax crayon when collecting textures. This will make unique papers for use in collage. You can use colours that are loyal to your subject, for example, browns and greens for tree bark.  However colours can be used to evoke and portray moods. You could use colours that cheer you, or if you are creating a collage for a friend – think about using their favourite colours.


'Don't Forget' Elephant


Send the 'Don't Forget' elephant as an E-card to brighten someone's day.


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