Be Curious - Visiting an Art Gallery

Look at artwork in different ways. Find out more about yourself and your opinions. Build your confidence in talking about artwork.

Almost all places have a gallery. When was the last time you went to one? Going to an art gallery can be a great thing to do to lift your spirits. Galleries are often free, so anyone can go in. Print off our creative wellbeing exercises to take with you on a gallery visit.

Wellbeing benefits:

Think clearly
Improve decision making
Feel relaxed

Examples of how this activity can help me:

I want to find new ideas and inspiration for my creative work.
I want to enjoy time out for myself.  


'One Word' activity: 5 minutes, plus additional 5 minutes per person.
'Impressions' activity: 5-10 minutes.

Who can I do this activity with?

'One Word' activity: with others.
'Impressions' activity: on my own or with others.

Where can I do this activity?

At a gallery. 

How often can I do this activity?

When visiting a gallery.

What do I need?

  • A local art gallery
  • Gallery plan (map) – Optional - ask for one at the gallery, but if not available just browse the gallery without a map
  • A pen/pencil
  • Notebook

Did you know?

Looking at something a person considers beautiful triggers a response in part of the brain called the orbitofrontal cortex. This part of the brain is associated with pleasure. 

Above - Autumn Leaves  1856 Sir John Everett Millais  1829-1896, Oil on canvas Image © Manchester City Galleries

"I liked looking at the 'Autumn Leaves' painting in the Virtual Gallery. It inspired me to go to my local gallery and try the activity there."

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