Be Curious - Visiting an Art Gallery

"I went to a park near me that I hadn't been to before to do the 'Draw a Leaf or Flower' activity. It was nice sitting there and looking at what was around me. There is so much beautiful detail when you stop and look!"


This is an exercise to try on your own or with other people.


Impressions exercise:

  • Choose one particular artwork and stand in front of it
  • Very quickly write down five words that describe the artwork you’re looking at. For example, colourful, abstract, landscape, messy, bold.  Have a look at our example below for inspiration
  • Next write down five words about the feelings that you think the artwork suggests. You may want to take a little more time over this part of the exercise. Use words that say how the artwork feels to you, rather than what you’re looking at. For example, hopeful, warm, energetic, curious, emerging

  • If you’re with friends when doing this exercise you could compare what each of you has written about the same artwork. It’s interesting to see how varied people’s interpretations of one artwork can be.
  • Above is an example of the ‘Impressions’ exercise using ‘Autumn Leaves’ by Millais from Manchester Art Gallery
    Suggested descriptive words…
colourful, romantic, sunset, historic, rural
    Suggested words to describe how it makes you feel...
Peaceful, magical, dying, melancholy, warm
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