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Cakebread Street (Sunshine after Rain)

No questions this time. Instead here’s an activity you might like to try later.


Ten-minute Walk

How often do you walk somewhere, busy thinking, texting, talking and not really noticing your surroundings? This exercise will help you see your environment in a different way.

You’ll need a camera, or a mobile phone that takes photos.

  • Take a 10-minute walk, stopping every minute to take a picture of whatever you see when you look around.
  • How often do you pass this spot?
  • Is this a journey you make every day?
  • Do you see anything you’ve never noticed before?

You can follow this exercise in a little more depth here - and add your Ten-minute Walk photos to your Media Album and share with others.


What did others say?

Associations: Anything can be beautiful, seeing familiar things in a different way, noticing.

“It could be a dark wet day, like in this painting, but when I look up at the sky and see the clouds and a glimmer of light, it fills me with hope and a sense of freedom."

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