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Trawler and Pier

Again, no questions this time. Instead here’s a story about the artist and a suggestion for something you might like to do at home.

A Cornish fisherman, turned rag-and-bone man, Wallis only began to paint in 1925, when he was 70 years old. Using ship's paint, card and board, he spent his retirement producing paintings from memory of the Cornish landscape and sea. Regarded as a talentless eccentric by local residents in St Ives, Wallis was 'discovered' in 1928 by the artists Ben Nicholson and Christopher Wood, through whom he subsequently acquired a group of admirers and a patron.


The Achievement and Aspiration Bottle

You will need:

  • A jar, bottle or similar container

  • Smallish squares of paper to write on

Take a few pieces of paper and write down:

  • Things you have done well

  • Things you are proud of

  • Things you want to do

  • Things you want to do better

Fold the pieces of paper and put them in your container. From time to time, read your notes to remind yourself how well you’re doing.


What did the others say?

Associations: Self-belief, realising potential, perseverance, creativity.

“It’s important to keep on going, no matter what the obstacles.”

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