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Mindfulness: A short photographic walk

How often do you walk somewhere, busy thinking, talking, texting and not really noticing your surroundings…?  This exercise will help you to see your environment in a different way.


A short photographic walk


Any health warnings?

This mindfulness practice is only a guide and it’s important to keep yourself and others safe, doing as much or as little according to what feels right for you. Don’t listen to this recording whilst driving, operating machinery or crossing roads.


How long will this exercise take?

This exercise will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. You will need a camera or mobile phone, and head phones to listen to this recording.  It doesn’t matter where you choose to walk, so long as it’s safe, and ideally somewhere you’d enjoy to walk as well!


Mindfulness - A short photographic walk

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A short photographic wak
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What next?

Download a Reflective Diary, print and fill in, or fill in online to store in your own private Ownzone.


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