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Mindfulness: Observe a flower

Observe a flower


We can bring a quality of mindfulness to any activity, from going for a walk, or doing the washing up, to having a cup of tea. This exercise focuses on looking at a flower. It can help improve observation and concentration skills, and enrich our experience of being in the present.

We recommend that you have a flower to hand - whether it's one you've bought or one outdoors.  A flowering house plant is great as you will see it daily and be reminded of this mindfulness practice.


Any health warnings?

This mindfulness practice is only a guide and it’s important to keep yourself and others safe, doing as much or as little according to what feels right for you. Don’t listen to this recording whilst driving, operating machinery or crossing roads.


How long will this exercise take?

This recording is 5:30 minutes long.


Mindfulness - Observe a flower

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Observe a flower
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What next?

Download a Reflective Diary, print and fill in, or fill in online to store in your own private Ownzone.


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