Be Mindful - Working With Strong Emotion

"The photography activity has given me an increased sense of confidence and being grounded."

Working With Strong Emotion:

  • For the following exercise you will need to think of a recent experience that has caused you to feel angry. Nothing too dramatic, just a little peeved or indignant rather than a murderous blood lust!


  • When you feel that you have aroused your irritation spend a few moments noticing the following things:
  • Where do you feel this emotion in the body? Maybe you feel it in several places or more intensely in one?
  • Are there any changes in temperature to this part of your body? Does it feel hotter or colder compared to other areas?
  • Can you feel any changes to the levels of tension or looseness in the muscles?
  • Are the sensations you are experiencing changing or staying the same?
  • What can you notice about your breathing? Are there any changes to its pace or depth?
  • Do you experience this emotion as particular colours, shapes or textures?
  • Can you notice any accompanying thoughts? Do these create any further changes to how you feel?
  • If you can stay with just noticing the sensations in your body you may experience how they come to a peak and then subside
  • Take a few moments to write down what you noticed


Here are some things that other people have noticed:

“Tightening of the muscles in my shoulders.”

“Feels like I have more in breath than out breath.”

“Increased sensation of heat in my hands.”

This exercise can be used for any mood you may find yourself in. Why not try the next exercise Savouring a Pleasant Experience to explore how you experience feelings of joy in the body and see how this compares to other emotions?

Adapted from - Integrated Mindfulness Teacher Training by Tim Duerden and Annette Dunn 20

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