Be Mindful - Savouring Pleasant Experience

"I didnít know what to expect from the photography activities but it was interesting and I enjoyed it, it has really built my confidence."

Reflecting on Pleasant Experience:

  • Reflect on what you have experienced since waking today.  What have you experienced that was comfortable, pleasing, pleasant or pleasurable?
  • Make a list

For each item on the list consider:
1.    Did you notice it was pleasurable at the time?
2.    How fully did you engage in the pleasurable experience?


Strengthening Pleasant Experience:

  • For the rest of today or maybe tomorrow, when you have a pleasurable experience try the following things:

1.    Pause to appreciate what you are feeling for at least three breaths
2.    Notice where you feel it in your body
3.    Be open to letting it soak in and spread around the body
4.    Allow it to intensify encouraged by the breath
5.    Before going to sleep review the pleasant experiences from your day

Integrated Mindfulness Teacher Training – Tim Duerden and Annette Dunn 2010

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