Build Your Concentration - Five A Day - Connect

Five a Day theme - Connect

  • Take a minute or two to look at this beautiful fossil of a crinoid and observe some details about it

Crinoid - Five a Day - Connect

  • Try answering these five questions by jotting a few words in each of the shapes below, one answer per shape


  • How many different and subtle colours can you see? Look closely, the fossil is not all grey!
  • How many different patterns can you see?
  • How does the light fall on this fossil?
  • Is it a plant or animal?*
  • Where did it live, on land or sea?* * Answers at bottom of the page
  • If you look closely...


Five a Day - Connect

“I enjoyed really looking and focusing on one object in the collection. It made me look at the fossil differently. It was relaxing and thought-provoking.”

“The fossil is beautiful and the colours are very subtle.  Looking at it made me feel curious to find out more.”


* Crinoids, also known as sea lilies or feather stars, are marine animals. They live both in shallow and deep-sea waters. There are a few hundred modern forms, but many more species existed in the past.



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