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About The Original 'Health Rocks' Trail

The original Health Rocks trail was produced for Manchester Museum. 


Five A Day Wellbeing Tour - 'Health Rocks'

We all know that we should eat five fruit and veg a day to care for our physical wellbeing, but did you know that scientists recommend we also take five simple actions a day to look after our mental wellbeing? Dubbed the five ways to wellbeing, these actions are:


  • Connect - because people are important to our wellbeing
  • Be active - because it raises mood and helps us sleep better 
  • Take notice - because practising awareness of sensations, thoughts and feelings can help our wellbeing
  • Keep learning - because learning is good for our self-esteem and gives us skills for life
  • Give - and receive - because both make us feel good.


Inspired by Manchester Museum’s beautiful collections of fossils and minerals, this trail features five practical exercises to give you a taste of the five ways to wellbeing.


The exercises can be done using our Virtual Museum or in a different location, for example, at home. Each time you do them you will experience something different.


The tour was created by people from the local community on a course run by Start and The Manchester Museum. All the people involved recognise that creative activity and visits to museums and galleries can make a valuable contribution to improving and protecting wellbeing.


Start and The Manchester Museum would like to thank everyone who participated in the development and design of this trail.


The Wellbeing Trail is a concept originally developed by Start (part of Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust) with Manchester Art Gallery. Start is an NHS service working with people recovering from emotional distress who wish to use creative activity to help them reshape their lives.


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