Build Your Confidence - Imaginary Lives - Creative Writing

These examples show the different ways people have chosen to write from the brief. One follows the questions quite closely, the others uses them as a loose guide. There is no right or wrong way of doing this activity.





Pine cones
We pine cones have a nice life hanging around in branches, drinking water and listening to the wind in our branches.  It is a wonderful life getting wet and being refreshed and nourished, so much so that I feel groggy in the morning, like a hangover.  I am quite bristly to touch but soft on the inside; made of seeds and water. I am very hardy and can survive windy days, holding on to the branches. The birds don’t annoy us as they sing and tweet, whilst we lay around all day. We are lazy pine cones!

Edward Cowan

I was there in the beginning before the creatures and the plants. When there was nothing but me. From the dawn of tie I have witnessed a passage of the ages. Like a century on watch I see all above and below. I never sleep through long nights and lonely mornings.  You do not know me but I am ever present. I will not let you down. You will hear my voice in the thunderous silence. Together we will be for eternity.


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