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"I think what Start2 has to offer is fabulous. It educates people in to understanding how to read emotions and to empathise rather than criticise. This is one of life’s essential tools we should all have. I also like how it subtly involves spiritual practices without preaching. "


Part 1: Imaginary Lives

Getting started:

We suggest that you try these exercises without listening to the curator’s talk. This is to encourage you to approach writing about the object from an entirely imaginative point of view. Once you’ve completed the exercises it’s then fascinating to compare your writings with the curator’s description.


Step 1: Warm up exercise

  • Choose an object from our gallery to write about. Using the five senses, write a description of the object as if you were describing it to someone who hasn’t seen it. What might it smell like or taste of, what would it feel and sound like, what does it look like?



Step 2: Being the object

  • Imagine you are one of the objects. Think about what it would be like using following questions as a guide. You can add to them or adapt them. Read through the questions first to give you an idea of what you’ll include

1. When and where were you created?
2. Write about one thing that happened on the day you were created (E.g, a thunderstorm)
3. Where do you live or exist?
4. What can you see from there?
5. What can you hear?
6. What happens on rainy days?
7. What do you feel like in the mornings?
8. What do you consist of?
9. What colour are you?
10. If someone touched you, what would you feel like to them?
11. What do you do all day?
12. Is there more than one of you?
13. If you could live/exist somewhere else, where would it be?
14. Will you ever die?


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