Build Your Confidence - Portrait Of You - Collage

Step 2: Connections

  • Next use your mind map to show anything you connect with your ideas. For example, if you chose gardening as something you enjoy, you might connect flowers, garden tools and seeds with this. You can write or sketch your ideas on your mind map


Portrait of You Questions

Step 3: Your theme

  • Now select one thing from your mind map. You’ll be using this as a theme. For example, ‘Going for a walk in the park.’
  • Start a new mind map of your chosen theme so you have room to add more information. Create four or five things radiating out from your chosen theme. There are no right or wrong ideas. You can write down anything you connect with your chosen theme such as objects, places, people, sights and sounds. You can write or sketch your ideas on your mind map. You might also want to collect pictures cut or ripped from magazines or items such as tickets if they’re relevant to your theme. See the image below for ideas



Don’t stick them on your mind map, you might want to use them in your collage later.


Collecting collage pieces

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