Build Your Confidence - Portrait Of You - Collage

Step 4: Associated feelings

  • What feelings do you associate with your chosen theme?
  • Use the pick list or choose your own words to describe your feelings and write them under your headings


Feelings Pick List:

energetic, serene, free, determined, warm, optimistic, inspired, relaxed, 
satisfied, lively, blissful, interested, strong, proud, refreshed



Going for a walk in the park mind map example

Step 5: Colour and mood

Colour and mood

Whether we’re aware of it or not, colour affects many aspects of our lives by influencing our sense of sight, sound, smell and taste, and also by influencing our feelings.


Colours are often associated with certain feelings or moods.  However we all experience moods in our own way, we all see colours differently and feel their effects differently too.  Colours also represent different things in different cultures.  By surrounding ourselves with colours that we know make us feel good, we can improve our wellbeing.

  • Which colour/s would you associate with each feeling?  Close your eyes and imagine each feeling.  Have a look around you or out of the window for any colours that you might match to your chosen moods
  • Try and find samples of the colour from magazines, or use any coloured paper that you have, e.g. look for scraps from cards, junk mail, paint sample cards or envelopes
  • Cut out small samples and stick your chosen colours on your mind map next to the relevant feelings
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