Build Your Confidence - Portrait Of You - Collage

Step 6: Texture and mood

Texture is what something feels like.

  • Which textures would you associate with each feeling?
    Try feeling any surfaces and fabrics around the room you’re in for a texture that might inspire you.
    What do they feel like?
    Do they match your chosen feeling/s?
  • Add these to your new mind map. You can write them down first or sketch them


For more ideas about texture:

Want to create your own textured papers? Try our exercise ‘Taking Rubbings’ or download and print our example texture rubbings.

Look for images of textures in magazines to find the best match

Find textured materials around the house or garden that could be used in a collage: textured wallpaper, a scrap of velvet or silk, a leaf or a shiny button etc.


Texture Pick List:

Spiky, rough, prickly, smooth, shiny, bobbly, scratchy, soft, slippy, dusty, mottled, uneven, sharp, furry, bumpy

Here are some examples of textures found around the home.


Textures and mood




Look at our example below showing the theme of ‘going for a walk in the park’. The mind map illustrates, through the use of colours and textures, a range of feelings connected with this activity.


Inspired: yellow / sparkly
Calm: pink/soft
Relaxed: blue / mottled
Energetic: green / spiky


Going for a walk in the park with colours and textures

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