Build Your Confidence - Three Things I Did Well Today


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Three Things I Did Well Today

"Confidence comes from a space of humility. It is spawned when we dare to see the world through an alternate lens. It grows when we have the courage to embrace the experience of the unknown and the unknowable."

Research has shown that our brains are hardwired to remember our mistakes rather than our successes, as this was important to the survival of our primitive ancestors. In our comparatively safe modern world, where we are more at risk of depression than being attacked by a predator, we can benefit from making a little space in our lives to highlight what we do well.
Try this short activity to acknowledge and praise yourself on three things you’ve done well today.

Wellbeing benefits:

Acknowledge and praise
Think positively
Feel confident in yourself

Examples of how this activity can help me:

I want to be I want to be aware of all my positive achievements in the day.
I want to feel more confident in myself.


5 minutes daily.

Who can I do this activity with?

On my own.

Where can I do this activity?

Anywhere, without distractions.

How often can I do this activity?

Do daily at the end of each day, or weekly for 7 weeks.

What do I need?

  • Pen/pencil
  • Paper

Did you know?

Research suggests that keeping a record of daily achievements, will boost both our mood and our confidence and help us feel more empowered.

"Looking back at what I'd written for this exercise at the end of the week made me realise how I would have forgotten many of the things I did well, if I hadn't written them down. It made me feel really good!"

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