Build Your Confidence - Who Am I? (Part 1 and 2) - Creative Writing

"Confidence comes from success…But confidence also combines another quality because you can be successful, yet lack confidence. It requires a mental attitude shift to an expectation of success. And this alone, can bring about more success, reinforcing the confidence. It spirals from there."

Who am I? - Part 1


Step 1: Initial response

  • From our Virtual Gallery above chose a painting that you like
  • As a warm-up exercise, take a few minutes to write down all the words you think of when you look at the painting. Here is an example, but you’ll be able to think of many more. You may like to include some descriptive words and some more expressive words too



Winter Fuel - by John Everett Millais

Trees, mountain, young girl, wood, grass, dog (black), small, cloudy, grey, expectant, peaceful, tranquil, crisp, cool


Step 2: Create a three-line poem

  • Now take a look at all the words you have listed. You’re going to create three lines of poetry based on these words. As it’s a short poem keep it simple. Remember a poem doesn’t have to rhyme. We’re using this as a warm up exercise.  You might like to try writing more than one poem using different combinations of your words

Here’s an example of how the sample words we suggested in Step 1 could inspire lines of simple poetry:


‘Winter Fuel’ - Three-line poem

The weather is rather overcast,

The sky is cloudy and grey,

The young girl is sitting amidst branches of wood.




Here’s another example, inspired by a different set of words.


‘Winter Fuel’ - Three-line poem

The watch I am holding in my hands

The world is Autumn.

I feel relaxed being in this place - before I arrived it was quiet.




Step 3: Explore the painting

  • Imagine you’re a character in the painting and make notes using the following questions. If you don’t want to answer all the questions, just use them as a guide. You’ll be using your answers to form a piece of writing in Step 4


  • What is the first thing you notice about this place?
  • What time of day is it – how do you know?
  • What time of year is it – how do you know?
  • How did you get to this place?
  • What colours can you see?
  • Which make you feel…
  • What can you see in the distance?
  • You can smell…
  • Which reminds you of…
  • You can hear the sound of…
  • Which sounds like…
  • Imagine you are holding something in your hands – what is it?
  • How does it feel in your hands?
  • There is a word or phrase going round in your head – what is it?
  • How do you feel about being in this place?
  • What happened just before you arrived? 
  • What do you think will happen after you leave?
  • How do you feel about leaving?





‘Winter Fuel’

The first thing that I notice about the place is that it’s in the woods. It is in the afternoon as it is cloudy. I believe it is autumn as the branches of the trees are cut and placed on the barrow. The leaves have turned brown on the trees. You get to this place by walking through the trees. The colours I can see are yellow, green, brown, red, cream and black.  In the distance I can see the mountains and the blue haze from he smoke of fire. You can smell the burning which reminds me of a bonfire. You can hear the sound of dog barking.




Step 4: Create your prose (piece of writing)

  • Spend some time making your answers into a piece of prose, or a poem, which describes the place and how you feel about being part of your chosen painting

Title Of Your Creative Writing

Your Creative Writing


‘Victoria’  (inspired by ‘Piccadilly Fog’ by Liam Spencer)

I am sitting (!) I-cannot-stand-I–cannot-move, how long have I been here (?) The place (this isn’t heaven) this is not my throne. When did they put me here? Of course after the Junkers retreated. Am I still of noble rank? Where is Albert? Does he sit on a similar throne? The view is like being tried for treason. Vagabonds spit and curse and fight like wounded rats, my bronze skin is stained with shit and other detritus. As the sky turns red I can picture heaven I cannot reach to touch it. I cannot move to go there. The air is stale with the smell of lager. They eat foods that are wasteful and bad for them and when I am seen, it is only for some to say, “Who is that daft old bag?!”


Liam Michael Hunt







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