Challenge Yourself - Exploring Words - Collage

Step 2: Warm up

  • Find an old magazine or newspaper, any kind is fine. Cut or tear out some random words and phrases. Cutting is fine but ripping often gives a more interesting effect. See which you like the best
  • Your chosen words and phrases don’t need to have particular meaning or be on any theme. Vary the size of the lettering (words and phrases) you choose so you have some big, medium and small letters
  • Now, as a practice go, try arranging them onto your chosen leaf shape. You can fill the shape completely or leave spaces, see which looks better
  • When you’re happy with your arrangement, stick everything down.  This practice run gives you the chance to try out different ideas before you have a go at a finished piece


Overlap the edges of your leaf shape with your word collage then re-cut the shape from behind; this is effective and gives a neat edge.
It’s best to dry your work under a heavy book, this flattens the glued paper to give a neat finish.

Using recycled materials in collage

Lots of collage materials such as handmade papers can be bought from craft shops but you can create your own by recycling materials that are easily found around the house. These could be: pictures or samples of colour from magazines or newspapers, textured or coloured wallpaper, wrapping paper, fabric scraps, buttons, junk mail, sweet wrappers, foil, collected texture rubbings or natural materials such as leaves.


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