Challenge Yourself - Tools and Techniques - Drawing

Getting started:

  • The tools you choose to use when you begin mark making are really up to you.  Read through the 'Tools and Techniques' PDF download, or carry on reading online. Then you can explore what the different drawing tools can do 
  • Watch our ‘Tools and Techniques’ video demonstration


What to do:

  • Using each tool you have in turn, draw lots of different marks (eg. lines, dots, circles, random shapes and scribbles) to explore what you can achieve with it.  Try making delicate marks, bold marks, try smudging the marks you make
  • Notice how different tools create such different effects, as you try each of them


With a bit of practice, you’ll find that you can make a good range of marks with them. Having this ‘vocabulary’ of marks will allow you to draw more expressively, and more effectively.

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