Challenge Yourself - Tools and Techniques - Drawing

Indian ink applied with:

                 A cotton bud        A drinking straw           A quill            A nib

Indian ink and various mark making implements



You can use any ink. 

Indian ink (from art shops) and Chinese ink are popular for drawing as they dry to a waterproof finish and are lightfast (meaning the ink doesn’t fade). To get a wide variety of marks, you can apply the ink in many ways. Here we’ve used a nib (from an art shop), quill (see how to make your own), and an everyday drinking straw and cotton bud.


Handy Hint:

Always have tissues when working with ink or charcoal: use to blot, smudge or deal with spillages. Note that all inks and paints, and especially waterproof ink, should be used with care as it will not come off clothes and furnishings. Wear an apron and cover tables etc.


  • Try mark making with ink and one of the above tools. What do you think of the results? If you’ve tried more than one tool, compare the differences in marks that each has made



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