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"I found that I was concentrating and not getting distracted, and that I was feeling more confident about making judgements and choices."

Express yourself through Collage

Have you ever wondered how artists are able to express themselves through their art?
This course is an introduction to the art of Collage.  It focuses on ways you can express your-self through use of colour, texture, imagery and ‘found’ objects. The exercises will enable you to make a piece of artwork that is personal and unique.


What is Collage?

A collage is a picture made by assembling different materials such as paper, fabric and ‘found’ objects.  Collage is also a good way to recycle materials in a creative way.


Our recommendation is that if you follow this as an entire course you’ll get the most out of it. However if you prefer to pick and choose individual exercises that’s fine too.

Our comprehensive exercises list all the materials you’ll need to try the exercises; along with examples for inspiration and suggestions of ways you can explore collage further.


What might these exercises offer:

Making collage:

  • Is a good way to for us to start being creative even if we lack confidence around drawing
  • Helps us explore our creativity
  • Gives us the opportunity to express ourselves
  • The course also offers a chance to explore what is positive in our lives. Studies in the field of Positive Psychology show that appreciating these things benefits our outlook


How long will the exercises take?

The length of the exercises vary. Each exercise is split into small steps. Whether you complete it all at once or over a period of time is up to you.  Glance through the steps to get an idea of how long the exercise may take you, then decide how you’ll tackle it. Take a break now and then to give yourself a pause. You’ll come back with fresh eyes.

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