Collage - Collaging video

"Doing the collage exercises has started me thinking more creatively"

Watch our short ‘How to Collage’ instruction videos for ideas. You can create a collage whilst following the videos or use them as ideas to go away with and use.
We suggest that you watch the videos in order.


How to Collage Part 1 - Collage Materials


In this short video demonstration we explain what collage is and list all the materials that you’ll need to create your collage, including hints on using recycled materials from around the home.

How to Collage Part 2 - Using Craft Materials

In this short video demonstration we show how to create a collage using simple collage techniques using a template and different craft papers.

How to Collage Part 3 - Using Materials from Home

In this short video demonstration we show you how using a simple template, words and a special item can create a unique and personal collage. We have used a concert ticket, newspaper, wrapping paper, scraps of fabrics, buttons, alphabet beads.


How to Collage Part 4 - Using Magazine Pictures

In this short video demonstration, we’ll show you how to create a striking, unique fish design using recycled materials. We’ve used a magazine picture, wallpaper, scraps of fabric, metal washers and buttons on cereal box card.


How to Collage Part 5 - Mounting your Collage

In this short video we’ll show examples of a collage on different coloured backgrounds and suggest ways to mount your own collage

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