Give - Wondrous Words Word Cloud - Collage

"I found the ‘Wondrous Words’ activity challenging, but give it go, who knows what you might achieve."

Step 1: Getting started 

  • Choose a space that you’ll work best in, away from distractions.  You’ll need at least 10-20 minutes for Step 2-3

Step 2: Find your words

  • Look through your magazines etc, and try and find single words or very short sentences. Try not to think of specific words beforehand, let ‘serendipity’ take a hand - that is, be open to unexpected discovery.  This way, you’ll find words that you would not normally consider
  • Try and find at least ten words, cutting each word out as neatly as possible

Tip: To get started, think about the person’s favourite things, and about what you admire in them or what makes you smile when you think about them.  

Step 3: Create your word cloud

Stacked words



  • Start to arrange your found words into a ‘word cloud’ on your piece of coloured card. The words in a word cloud can be stacked above and below each other, like our example above.  Or try arranging your words at right angles for added interest, see below


Words arranged at right angles


  • There is no right or wrong - experiment, to see what looks best to you



A tiny dot of pritt-stick glue will hold words temporarily in place, until you’re happy with your artwork and can glue it down permanently.


Step 4: Send your card

  • Post or give your card to your chosen person – or you could scan your card and send via email

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