Improve Your Mood - What is Beauty? - Creative Writing

Step 3: Your ideas about beauty

Beauty is quite an abstract concept. To explore your ideas about beauty and be able to make them into a piece of writing that is alive and evocative, think about how you experience beauty through the senses.

  • Start by making a mind map for each of the senses

Think about what beauty:


  • Looks like
  • Smells like
  • Feels like
  • Tastes like
  • Sounds like


What is a mind map?

A mind map is a diagram that uses words or sketches to note ideas linked to a central, key word. A mind map gives you the opportunity to explore many different concepts and shows the process of developing them.  Mind maps are useful for generating, visualising and organising thoughts and ideas. They can also be used to make decisions, solve problems and recall memories.


A mind map will help you to go beyond your first thoughts/ideas.

  • Try to find four examples of beauty for each of the senses

Example What is 'Beauty'? Mind Map
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