Improve Your Mood - Can You Bottle Happiness?

Interactive happiness bottle

Create your happiness bottle online, which you can view everytime you log in in your own private Ownzone.  You will need to be registered to use this interactive feature. Registration is quick, easy and private.


In this mood-boosting activity you can add someone or something who's lifted your spirits today or this week.

You can also add: 

  • Something that makes you smile
  • Your favourite joke
  • Inspirational quotes
  • A compliment that someone has given you
  • Something that you have done well
  • A strengths of yours
  • Something you have achieved
  • Delicious words – your favourite-sounding word, tasty words that your tongue likes to enunciate!
  • Something that inspires you
  • The qualities of someone you admire 
  • Anything else which will boost your mood when you read it

Click here and bottle some happiness today!

Can you bottle happiness? Interactive


What next?

  • Why not create your own bottle of happiness to keep at home or at work, using the instructions on the next page? (These can be followed online or downloaded and printed out)
  • You can do this activity by yourself, or it’s also fun to try with a group of friends, colleagues, with family or housemates


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