Improve Your Mood - Recipe For A Good Mood Collage

Step 1: Getting started

  • Watch our ‘how to’ video on collage*. This shows you a range of collage techniques in practice
  • Have a look at our collage gallery on the front page. Looking at other people’s work and seeing their ideas can give you inspiration. Notice the different techniques people use, and how they lay out their images in their design


The activity is split into small stages.  You could click through the steps to gauge how long you might need to spend on this activity. 

Step 1 – Recipe Feelings

Step 2 – Colour and mood

Step 3 – Collage techniques

Step 4 – Create a mood board
Step 5 – Make your Recipe collage

Step 6 - How to illustrate your ingredients
Step 7 – Choose your background

Step 8 – Make your collage


*What is collage?

The name collage comes from the French word ‘to glue.’ A collage is a picture made by gluing down different materials including paper, fabric and other objects, such as buttons.

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