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Step 2: Recipe feelings

  • You’re going to attach some feelings to your Recipe ingredients first of all. A mind map will help you to do this


What is a mind map?

A mind map is a diagram that uses words or sketches to note ideas linked to a central, key word. A mind map gives you the opportunity to explore many different concepts and shows the process of developing them.  Mind maps are useful for generating, visualising and organizing thoughts and ideas. They can also be used to make decisions, solve problems and recall memories.


Recipe For a Good Mood - Feelings


  • Take a look at the example mind map above and see how the author attached feelings to some of his ingredients.  You don’t need to do all your ingredients, just some of them.
 Keep it simple. Think of the reason you wanted to include an ingredient, and see if you can name that feeling. For instance, a ‘handful of best friends’ could be in your recipe because you love company, so ‘love’, ‘warm’ or ‘happy’ could be the feeling that prompted you to include that ingredient in your Recipe


The example mind map above used the following written Recipe For a Good Mood as inspiration.




A cup of Spring

A slice of blue, finely grated

A twinkle of aftershave

An echo of Dunham Massey

A jar of rain

An earful of Dawn chorus

A pound of elephant

A dessert of a bright house


Serves 2


Method of preparation

Mix in a pound of wrinkly elephant with a jar of invigorating rain surrounded by rumbling clouds.

Stir slowly with an earful of dawn chorus, as loud as a radio with the volume turned up to high. 

Stir with a brisk echo of historic Dunham Massey and whisk with a twinkle of colourful aftershave and a cup of Spring, as fresh as newly cut grass.

Finish off with a sprinkle of blue, as fresh as the paint on a bright new house.  Open the door to the house briskly and walk into a welcome.


Edward Cowan

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