Improve Your Mood - Recipe For A Good Mood Collage

Step 3: Colour and mood

Whether we’re aware of it or not, colour affects many aspects of our lives. We often associate feelings with colours and may describe our moods in terms of colours,

For example, ‘feeling blue’, ‘in the pink'


We all experience moods in our own way, we all see colours differently and feel their effects differently too. However we’d all agree that a splash of colour on a grey cloudy day can cheer us. It therefore makes sense to have colours around us that have a positive effect on our mood.


  • Look again at the feelings that you’ve written down
  • Which colour/s would you associate with each feeling?
  • Not too sure?  Have a look around the environment you’re in to see if any colours fit the feelings you’ve chosen. 
Write your chosen colours next to the feelings on your mind map.  If you’ve some coloured pencil crayons, add these colours too. You’ll be referring back to these colours for use in your collage later



Recipe For a Good Mood - Colour and Mood

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