Improve Your Mood - Recipe For A Good Mood Collage

Step 4: Create a mood board


This is a warm up exercise in which you’ll use the colours you identified in the Step 2. Later on, you may wish to cut out shapes from your mood board to use in your final collage.


  • Sort through your materials - magazines, old envelopes, cards and so on  - to see if you can find colours that represent your chosen feeling/s. Choose colours that are as close as you can find
  • Tear and cut these papers into simple shapes, such as strips, circles, rectangles, triangles and squares
  • Using a sheet of A4 paper, arrange your torn and cut collage papers into a pleasing pattern
  • Now stick down your collage pieces
  • Once you’ve finished gluing everything down, allow your collage to dry for a while in the air.  Once it’s dry to touch, place a piece of cling film over the top and lay under a heavy book or similar. This’ll prevent your collage from sticking to the book, and will flatten it


Tip - Sticking down collage pieces

  • How do you stick multiple bits and bobs down, especially when they’re overlapping?  Carefully, take one item or piece of paper at a time so that you don’t lose your design. Make sure you stick the bottom-most pieces of paper (or items) down first, then stick the others on top
  • If using PVA glue, and you haven’t used it before, this would be a good time to practise with it, before you create your Recipe collage


Tip - Using PVA glue

PVA is good for sticking thick materials down. Be careful about how much PVA you use though, as the papers you’ll have are likely to be different weights and thickness. Using too much glue tends to cause papers to wrinkle. Keeping some baby wipes/wet wipes or a damp cloth to hand is useful to get any stray glue off your fingers, as this can transfer onto your collage if you’re not careful

Tip - Using contact adhesive

Apply sparingly, and keep your fingers clean with wet wipes. If the glue is solvent-based, be sure to have some ventilation in your room and don’t smoke or eat at the same time as using the glue

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