Improve Your Mood - Recipe For A Good Mood Collage

Step 5: Make your Recipe collage

Now that you’ve had a go at collage, you’re ready to make your Recipe Collage.


However, before you get started on choosing pictures and shapes, you may like to consider making your own papers from which to cut your shapes. You can create decorative collage papers simply, using any of the following techniques; mark-making, textured rubbings and simple drawings. Have a look at our gallery for ideas.



If you fancy this option download our activities from the bottom left of the activity pages; ‘Create Your Own Collage Papers,’  ‘Taking Rubbings’ and ‘Tools and Techniques’ for ideas on materials you can use to create marks. We have used acrylics in our samples because of the bright colours.


We also have some sample rubbings which you can download and print (but it’s much more fun if you take your own rubbings!).

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