Improve Your Mood - Recipe For A Good Mood Collage

Step 6: Choose your background

It’s a good idea to get your background ready before choosing you collage shapes. This is for two reasons:


1. When choosing your collage pieces, you can try to make sure all the pieces go well with the background. However, if any collage pieces you choose happen to blend in with your background, you can create a border around them using a colour that contrasts with the background, so that the pieces stand out


Here is an example:


Choose your background


2. You can lay down your collage pieces as you make them and move them around to find a design with which you’re happy, rather than waiting until the end


You’ll need a piece of A4 (or A3) thick card. Any smaller and things get a bit fiddly and cramped.   Choose a colour you like, or one of the colours you identified in the Step 3 ‘Colour and mood.’


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